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for laptop orchestra 
Plain- a choral piece for 10 hands

Gestures are innate and intuitive vehicle for the communication of emotions. However, expressive control over musical instruments often involves years of practice of movements and gestures, and musicians usually have to start at an early age to develop their fine motor skills.

Will it be awesome if music can be made by just waving our hands? Technology can definitely help to achieve this imagination.

 This piece uses the Leap Motion controller to convert hand gestures of the players into data that are ultimately converted into sound. The controller was originally designed as an analogous to a mouse without contact or touching. It was launched in July 2013 and is yet efficiently implemented for making music. The custom built program and interface is developed in the Max programming environment.

要成為一個成功的樂手,要花上數十年的時間去練習如何駕馭樂器。而且一般要由很小的年紀開始培養,才能發展出精細的小肌肉運動技能。錯過了十歲以前的音樂訓練,還有機會享受音樂的樂趣嗎? 如果揮揮手便可以玩音樂, 全人類也可以一起合奏!

作曲家化成黑客,把這個僅面世三個月的動感控制器(Leap Motion Controller)的用途徹底改變。利用度身設計的程式(MAX),使控制器將樂手的揮手動作化成聲音。忘記小時候痛苦又漫長的練習,揮揮手一起演奏。

Plain premiere
Plain premiere
Plain premiere

Performance history

18-19 October 2013

Electric Company: An Orchestra of Laptops

performed by Electric Company

conducted by Vicky Shin

HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity (HK)

6 November 2014

LOL Annual concert

performed by Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana

conducted by Jesse Allison

Louisiana State University

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