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Hum (2013)

Hum is out of the composer's curiosity about he possibility of creating an a cappella performance alone. Singing samples are recorded, analyzed and processed real-time during the performance; visuals are generated accordingly. An iPad is used as a controller for recording and sample playback.

Performance history

(Bach edition)

25 March 2017

ReIMAGined 2

Hong Kong City Hall (HK)

1 November 2015

Traces of Silk Road III

Hong Kong Cultural Center (HK)

30 November-01 December 2013

International Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology 

Kainan University School of Informatics (Taiwan)

6 March 2015

N_SEME National Student Electronic Music Event

Bryan Recital Hall, Bowling Green State University (US)

27 August 27 2013 (Premiere)

Sonic Anchor #12 "Electro-acoustic Pink"!   

McAulay Theatre, Hong Kong Art Center (HK)

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