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A Fan (2013)
for laptop orchestra

A Fan is audio and visual composition based on a Stéphane Mallarmés poem with the same title.


Stéphane Mallarmé’s works are influenced by the conception of hypertext. His poems allow multiple non-linear readings of the text with his powerful use of blank space and placement of words on the page.  A Fan is a piece adapted from Mallarme’s poem of the same name. By the mapping of text to sound and juxtaposition of poetic fragments on a computer screen, the piece interprets Mallarmé’s concept of using hypertext and gives another dimensions to the poem.

TECH NOTES: Audio is triggered locally by the text that players typed, the text will also be sent to the master laptop thru WiFi to generate open GL visuals.Environment=Max

A Fan uses these sounds from freesound:


[Attribution noncommercial License]

sky.aif :: by bulldozer 

KitchenSounds037.aif + GONG1.aif  :: by loofa 


[Attribution License]

ambient-groove-010.wav + ambient-groove-019.wav + ambient-groove-012.wav  ::  by striptheband 

dripping.wav  ::  by digifishmusic

women-singing.wav  :: by Leady 

bubbles-2mm.wav :: by Benboncan 


[Public Domain]

BELL BLIP.wav :: by looppool 

Chopped Vocal Loop 1 :: by wenter13 

bobbiepeaches07.wav :: by ReadeOnly 


City University of Hong Kong Laptop Orchestra

Sonic Anchor #09

Performance history

22 January 2013

Sonic Anchor #09

performed by City University of Hong Kong Laptop Orchestra

McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Center  (HK)

28 May 2013

13th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

performed by City University of Hong Kong Laptop Orchestra

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Daejeon (Korean Republic)


6 November 2014

LOL Annual concert

performed  by Louisiana orchestra of Laptop

Louisiana State University (US)



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