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Avant-pop Suite- Eason Chan Opus (2013)
for TTBB quartet

“Avant-pop Suite” is a set of three pieces that blend popular Canton music tunes with 20th century contemporary music composition techniques. This is an experiment to find out (if there is) the mid-point

between popular Canton music and contemporary avant-garde music.

A contemporary vocal ensemble will be a perfect instrumentation of this piece for two reasons: (1) voice is an instrument with the most flexibility and timbre, this will provide the most possibilities for the work; (2) voices blend flawlessly and effectively even with complicated harmonies.

Inspirations .

Since 20th century, tonality has reached a crisis or break down point. As composers are looking for ultimate creativity in their works, 20th century avant-garde music are sometimes described as abstract, harsh, inaccessible, unfriendly, hard to follow, even boring. Due to this complexity of the highly organized system, modern music requires audience’s sensitivity to much smaller details and layout of the work. Modern music seems moving further and further away from its audience.

I. In 700 years (七百年後) X Set Class Theory

II.  Snow in June (六月飛霜) X Minimalism

Performance history

25 June and 27 July 2013

Yat Po Singers - A Cappella Composers’ Workshop 2013

performed by Yat Po Singers

University of Hong Kong (HK)

(Choral edition of Snow in June)

19 March 2016

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Students' Union Choir 21st Annual Performance - Breakthrough

Tsuen Wan Town Hall (Hong Kong)

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