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Bubble (2016)

Bubble is a 4-channel performance tool, based on the idea of audio col- lage, which is controlled by freehand gestures and button pressing a tangible interface. The system makes use of coordinates of one hand in 3D space, gesture recognition of whether the hand is a palm or a fist, and button switches pressed on a wearable tangible controller on the other hand. The 3D data from the hand is mapped to the position of the listening point, panning, volume, and playback speed of samples, depending on which mode is triggered. A number of design issues regarding the use of touch-free and tangible interfaces will be discussed, which includes the importance of touch in music and sound making, and challenges of mapping gestural data to human proprioception in 3D space. 

Sept 25 to Oct 1 2015

“Audio collage as an instrument for musical expression: combining freehand and tangible controllers” 

presented at International Computer Music Conference at University of North Texas

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