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The Desolated Enlightenment (2014)
for solo viola

The Desolated Enlightenment was commissioned by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild under the Young Musicians Performance Platform Project. It was premiered by Casper Lai on 3 July, 2014 at the NSAAS 2013/14 concert organised by the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild. 


佛學常道:透過文字般若,明 白佛法之理;由觀照般若,依理起修;最後契悟實相般若,即是通往菩提涅槃,常樂我淨,畢竟解脫之路。

如果詩是文字般若,音樂般若 是為何,能導向解脫之路嗎?

Performance history

3 July 2014

Hong Kong Composers Guild NSAAS 2013/14 concert

performed by Casper Lai

Sha Tin Town Hall (HK)

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