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The Voices of Children
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Why should I?

Why should I?

To Write

Improve language skills and spark creative thinking

Be Seen

Your work will be displayed at the Carrickfergus Museum

To Think

Increase self-awareness

and self-efficacy

Be Heard

Your work will be published in Voices of Children Collection

To Express

Explore new ways

to be expressive

Get Published

Selected poems will be set to music by composers 

Get involved by

Writing with Pen

Writing a Poem

There are no rules. We are just interested in what you want to express. The submissions will not be marked or assessed. You can work naturally and organically. If you have never written a poem before there are severals tips at on our website to help you get started.

Get started~

Click on the images on the right to download a worksheet to help you get started! 

Submit your work with the submission page to get your poem exhibited.

Poetry and music has the power to express emotions, create cohesion, and suggest an identity.

The Voices of Children

We encourage the appreciation of words and music among children. Through creation we develop mutual understanding between individuals. The project consists of a call-for-poem exercise, and poem exhibition, and a public performance of the music written based on the selected poems.

If you have a question...
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