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Poetry and Music Project

Submission period


Unlearn/ Relearn\ (2022)


The embodiment of language

Just as we spend much time looking at information through a smartphone daily without looking at the appearance and construction of the smartphone itself – we speak Cantonese and read words in Traditional Chinese characters every day in Hong Kong without spending much time to learn and to take a closer look at the language and the characters. 

What if we look at a Chinese character as just a character, and listen to the pronunciation of a word as just a sound? What if symbols are completely disconnected from the usual way we form words into comprehensible sentences?

Nov 2022 | deTour 2022 | PMQ | Hong Kong 

Sep 2022 | Sonic Arts Research Centre | Queen's University Belfast

Etiquette: munch, chew, crush, bite (2022)

Audiovisual fixed media

Based on the audio element of the sound art performance Etiquette, this video is a different approach to look at how the great philosophers opinions on eating and food.

Garden in a Weird Dream

May-June 2022 | Dream Big Think Small | 7 Mallory Street, WanChai, Hong Kong

Sound design for

Garden in the Weird Dream (2022)

Designed by fashion designer Cynthia Mak, woodwork specialist Screw Up Studio, and paper sculpture team STICKYLINE, Garden in the Weird Dream is a rearrangement of familiar elements to encourage audience to explore the blurred line between dream and reality. 

Hum (2013)

Voice with interactive visuals

Singing samples are recorded, analyzed and processed real-time during the performance; visuals are generated accordingly. An iPad is used as a controller for recording and sample playback.

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