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Expanding Sound Design

Updated: Jul 27, 2020


Listen to the following sounds. Both of them are sounds of water.

If you listen to them closely, the sounds give you information about the motion of the water. The reverberance of the sound provides you information about the space of which the water is in.

The sound of an object provides information of that object. As a sound designer, we create sound for an image or an object, in order to communicate information to the listener.


Art work #1 Tasteful Turntable

We seldom pay attention to what sound we hear when we eat. Imagine, and compare the sound that you hear while you are having a piece of chips, and a piece of steak.

The sound that we hear while eating, which travel through both the eardrum and the skull, communicate information to us.

Tasteful Turntable is a performance that investigate how sound affect our perception of food, and how does taste affect our experience of music. During the performance, the audience listen to the composed music on the headphones, and are signaled to eat by a small flash light on the table, so that the music and the chewing of the food is synchronised.


Artwork #2 Ear Accessory- Workshop at Head Geneva by SounDoesTravel

Accessories that change the way that your ears pick up sound.


Artwork #3 The Sonification of Everyday Things

I found this very genius: to relate rotation to the repetitive nature of commercial music. A lot of the commercial music that we are familiar with involve a reoccurring groove, or persistently repeated units, to help with the propulsion of the piece.

Sonification is turning data into sound. In this art work, data used is the distance from the machine to the object, measured by the infrared sensor. In the recent decade there are a good deal of art works that sonify big data. Representative artists includes Nathalie Miebach, Juelie Freeman, Luke DuBois, and more.


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