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First Étude for Hong Kong Solos

Commisioned by Spring Workshop and Ari Benjamin Meyers, First Étude was composed for Olivia Chow, assistant curator of Para Site for the Hong Kong Solos project.

With the help of technology, performing a musical piece is no longer privilege of trained musicians. In First Étude, Olivia will perform the piece by executing her everyday morning routine-- coffee griding and brewing, on her new musical instrument, the coffee hand grinder.

Performer: Olivia Chow

Venue: 22/F, Wing Wah Industrial Building, 677 King’s Road, Quarry Bay


March 22 (Wed), 3-4pm

March 22 (Wed), 4-5pm

March 30 (Thur), 3-4pm

March 30 (Thur), 4-5pm

March 31 (Fri), 3-4pm

March 31 (Fri), 4-5pm

Each performance is about 10 minutes, designed for audience size of 1-4 only. Please RSVP to secure a seat.

Please check out Ari Benjamin Meyers's An exposition, not an exhibition, and other Hong Kong Solos pieces on Spring Workshop's website.

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