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Avant-pop Suite: the Eason Chan Opus

Did this SATB arrangement of Avant-pop Suite for PolyU Choir.

The complexity of organization of modern music requires audience’s sensitivity to much smaller details and layout of the work. Modern music seems moving further and further away from its audience. Avant-pop Suite is an experiment to find out (if there is) the mid-point between popular Canton music and contemporary avant-garde music.

Description quoted from PolyU Choir's channel

PolyU Choir 21st AP - Breakthrough 曲 Music:Kool G@Public Zoo, 舒文@Zoo Music 詞 Lyrics:林夕 編曲 Arrangement:Ms. Vanissa Law 指揮 Conductor:Ms. Vanissa Law Video taken by Kris and Jacky @Onetake Production 《六月飛霜》的古典意象是天垂異象,寓示人間有冤,黑白顛倒。林夕的詞借籍這個古典意象,揭露了世界有冤,社會有病,人們在是非黑白上的模糊。 《六月飛霜》原曲由陳奕迅主唱,是一首廣為熟識的流行曲。羅穎綸指揮特別將它改編成一首現代音樂作品,作為“Avant-pop Suite”三部曲中的第二部曲。此曲的靈感源自現代音樂常被批評為抽象、難以理解、沈悶、難以迎合主流聽眾的口味。羅穎綸指揮希望透過一首大家都熟識的歌曲,混合現代音樂的元素,讓聽眾重新理解並欣賞現代音樂。

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