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But They Did Not Know My Voice by Frederique Decombe

Speech chorus re-run! SUNDAY 19 JUNE 2016,18:30 at the JCCAC

This is such a fun group to work with! Really wish we could perform again in the near future~ Thanks Fredie for putting this up and leading to this group of amazing people.

Chorus: Philippe Charmes, Frederique Decombe, Kitty Lam, 年華 (Linwah), Vanissa Law, Emilia Nieminen, Heather Pennington, Jonathan Soon, Daryl Walker, Beatrice Wong

Photo credit: Jonathan Soon

Below is notes about the work by artist Frederique Decombe:

"A work about narrative, visual and mental interpretation through literature passages on art, revolving around struggle, pursue of dream, eagerness, death, narcissism, pain, madness, destruction, spirits. Deconstructed and recomposed, this weaving of texts creates interference and intrusion from one story to another, one voice to another, one rhythm to another. A collision of words and voices oscillates between the intricacy of meaning and the emotional vocal sound."

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