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Vanissa Law 

Doctor of Philosophy (ABD). Hong Kong Baptist University.

Dissertation: Interactive Electroacoustic Music. 2016.

Master of Music, Ball State University, IN, US.

Major: Music Composition. May 2010

Bachelor of Arts (Hons). Hong Kong Baptist University.

Major: Music composition and production. June 2007

Academic Services

Workshop co-chair
The 15th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) 2015

Paper reviewr

Internation Symposium on Electronic Art  (ISEA). 2016-2017.

Awards/ Commissions

2014      Fulbright-RGC Hong Kong Research Scholar Award

2014      Dr. Wu Yee Sun Memorial Scholarship

2013      Soundscape Festival Commission (May, 2013, Italy)

2013      Hong Kong Composers’ Guild Commission (Spring, 2013)

2012      5th Hong Kong Young People and Young Children Arts Festival- Outstanding Vocal Instructor 

2012      Hong Kong Composers’ Guild- “Young Musicians Performance Platform Series” Audience Choice Award

2009      First Place. National Association of Teachers of Singing Great Lakes Region Students Auditions.

Academic Positions

Part-time lecturer
School of Creative Media. City University of Hong Kong. 2018 ​–​ 2019.

Part-time lecturer

Department of Music. University of Hong Kong. 2018 ​–​ present.

Part-time lecturer

Department of Music. Hong Kong Baptist University. 2015 ​–​ present.

Fulbright visiting scholar

Louisiana State University, U.S. Sep 2014 ​–​ Aug 2015.

Part-time lecturer

School of Design. Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 2013 ​–​ 2017.

Part-time lecturer

Open University of Hong Kong/ Baron School of Music. 2015 ​–​ 2016.

Artistic Positions

Associate Artistic Director

Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong. Sep2015-Mar2016.

Guest artist

Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana. Sep2014-Jul2015.

Composer & Assistant Director

CityU Laptop Orchestra. Aug2012-Jun2013.

Guest Conductor

Hong Kong Polytechnic University Students' Union Choir. 2007-2015.

Course Taught and Assisted



CityU.Undergraduate.Spring2018​–19​ .

Music, Science and the Sublime​. 

HKBU. Undergraduate. 2014​–​15.

New media and intermedia

Special Topics in Critical Intermedia 

CityU. Undergraduate. 2012​–​13.

Interactive Multimedia Environment

PolyU. 2013​–​17.assisting Dr. Samson Young.

Creative Media Studio 

CityU. Undergraduate. 2012​–​13. assisting Dr. Samson Young.
Creative Electronics Workshop 

CityU. Undergraduate. 2012​–​13. assisting Dr. Samson Young.

Making Things Blip Blink & Move

CityU. Undergraduate. 2012​–​13. assisting Dr. Samson Young.

Music technology

Electroacoustic Music.

HKBU. Undergraduate. Fall 2017​–​18.

Electroacoustic Music. 

HKU. Undergraduate. Fall 2018​–​19.
Sound Design and Technology

PolyU. Postgraduate. Fall 2016​–​17.
Popular Music Creation & Production

OpenU. Undergraduate. Fall 2015​–​16.
Virtual Music Classroom. 

HKBU. Postgraduate. 2011​–​12.
Music Technology 

HKBU. Postgraduate. 2011​–​12.
Sound Basics and Design 

assisting Dr. Robert Ellis-Geiger. CityU. Undergraduate. 2012​–​13

Studio II (MAX and processing) 

assisting Mr Ip, Yuk Yiu. CityU. Undergraduate and postgraduate. 2012​–​13


assisting Dr. Michael Pounds. Ball State Uni. Undergraduate. 2008​–​09.

Computer Music 1 

assisting Dr. Michael Pounds. Ball State Uni. Undergraduate. 2008​–​09.

Music theory and composition

Music Theory and Musicianship. 

HKBU.​ ​Undergraduate. 2016​–​17.

Music Theory. 

HKBU. Undergraduate. Fall 2011​–​12.
Electronic Composition 

Ball State University. Undergraduate. 2009​–​10.
20th Century Composition Techniques 

Assisting Prof Christopher Keyes. HKBU. 2010​–​14.




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