Red Sheep (2019)
For percussion and piano, with live visuals
Princess Snivels (2019)
Kidnapped Santa Claus (2018)
Locker Room Improv (2017)
Interactive electronic
First Étude (2017)
solo for coffee grinder
Animal Farm (2016)
for SATB chorus
bubbleMI (2016)
quadraphonic performance software
Exhaled Rhyme (2014)
Fixed media (stereo / surround)
The Desolated Enlightenment (2014)
for solo viola
Hum (2013)
for voice and electronics
Plain- a choral piece for 10 hands
for laptop orchestra
Skin Edge (2013)
for two percussionists and tape
Avant-pop Suite (2013)
Eason Chan Opus
for TTBB quartet
A Fan (2013)
for Laptop Orchestra
based on poem by Stéphane Mallarmé
IYASU (2012)
Interactive Sound Installation
Eyes Hear (2011)
interactive audio and visual
Kong (2011)
for chamber ensemble
The Enlightened Desolation (2011)
for chamber ensemble
The Elderly Need You Care (2009)
for SATB choir and chamber ensemble
Rinoa (2009)
song cycle for mezzo-soprano and piano
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